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Fact Sheet

Downloand a WetCollect Fact Sheet


  • Built in plant dictionary constructed from 1988 USFWS, 1996 USFWS and USDA National plant databases
  • Scientific and common name query
  • Region specific species and indicators
  • Automatically performs dominance test and prevalence index calculations in the field
  • Easy to select soil and hydrologic indicators
  • Functional soil layer creator
  • Smart text
  • Self populating dictionary
  • Drop downs
  • Flip/slide screen technology
  • Limited need to scroll
  • Simple, user friendly functionality


Save Time & Eliminate Paperwork

Using WetCollect, you can reduce reporting time by more than 50% by collecting wetland data in the field using a mobile device and avoid the need to take handwritten notes and then have to type up for submittal with a Jurisdictional Determination package. The built-in plant dictionary eliminates the need for web or database searches, reference books and spreadsheets.

GPS Functionality

Using WetCollect on a Windows Mobile (5, 6, or 6.5) device or Tablet PC, you can easily log data points with real-time coordinates, allowing you to revisit exact locations during confirmation visits. Flip back and forth between the mapping software and the data collection screen with the touch of a button.

Hosted Data

With WetCollect, your data is conveniently backed up on one of our secure servers. This allows you to synchronize data from multiple devices into one location and permanently file away data for convenient access at a later time. You have the ability to protect and unprotect active forms and archive completed projects to ensure their safe keeping.