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Latest Updates

WetCollect v2.10
New Features at v2.1.0:
  • Updated software to include 2012 National Wetland Plant List (NWPL). Upland Species (UPL's) provided in searchable database.
  • Provided searchable marker species (Unknown Species 1) within the plants database for collection and post field identification. Unknowns (ex. FAC Species 1) for each indicator status have also been provided in the searchable plants database.
  • Updated the web portal to reflect changes associated with 2012 NWPL. Plant species can now be added to the custom plant list by regional supplement.
WetCollect v2.0.0
New Features v2.0.0
  • Upgraded home screen to provide more user friendly icons to maximize UI space
  • Updated user controls to reflect recent changes in the Regional Supplements.
  • Added advanced sorting function on LRR and subsequent MLRA sub-regions to increase efficiency of drop down lists.
  • Updated NWI text entry field for more flexible classification of wetland types.
  • Integrated advanced logic for disturbed and problematic situations into Significantly Disturbed and Naturally Problematic Vegetation, Soil, and Hydrology category check boxes under Information section.
  • Created and integrated FAC Neutral Rule calculations into advanced logic under Hydrology section.
  • Provided Reset Depths (to "None") button for Surface Water Depth, Water Table Depth, and Saturation Depth in Hydrology section.
  • Added % Bare Ground, and % Cover Biotic Crust data entry fields into Vegetation Section.
  • Added automatic % cover recognition logic allowing user to only select number for percent cover within a stratum to indicate presence of species in the stratum within Vegetation section.
  • Integrated advanced logic into % Cover Wetland Bryophytes and Total Cover Bryophytes (AK Form) calculations.
  • Integrated advanced logic into Prevalence Index, Morphological Adaptations, Wetland Non-Vascular Plants, and Problematic Hydrophytic Vegetation check boxes per applicable data form within Vegetation section where "1Indicators of hydric soil and wetland hydrology must be present, unless disturbed or problematic".
  • Integrated advanced logic into Indicators of Problematic Hydric Soils check boxes per applicable data form within the Soils section where "3Indicators of hydrophytic vegetation and wetland hydrology must be present, unless disturbed or problematic".
  • Added advanced sorting function for soil color categories of Hue and Value/Cover in order to increase efficiency of drop down lists.
  • Updated soil color chart per Munsell® Soil Color Book 2009 Revised Edition.
  • Added Organic soil textures (Muck, Peat, Mucky Peat, etc.) to soil texture drop down list within Soils section.
  • Added manual data entry for Lat_Long field in the GPS section to allow for incorporation of potentially higher accuracy GPS coordinates via mapping software (TerraSync, etc).
  • Added advanced user controls to personalized WetCollect WebPortal, including Create New User, View User, Change Password, and edit user. Also allows user ability to define roles of the user as Admin and/or Field User.
WetCollect v1.0.5
New Features at v1.0.5
  • Added ability for rental licenses to be used with a customer's online data portal. WetCollect customers can now rent or lease hardware from their authorized Trimble Dealer with a WetCollect Rental License to use with their WetCollect Online Data Portal. Contact your local Trimble Dealer for more details.
  • Added a toggle feature to vegetation species search to allow for faster switching between scientific and common name searches. Also replaced text search and clear buttons with user friendly icon buttons to maximize UI space.
  • Added message to license activation form to remind users that the correct date and time must be set before a license can be activated.
Issues Addressed with v1.0.5:
  • Issue with adding or saving a soil layer while the comments box is active. Scrollbar would move to the top but the form would not adjust and user was unable to change pages and scroll to the top of the form.
WetCollect v1.0.4

New Features at v1.0.4
  • Added additional security to synchronization. User will now be prompted to login before synchronization
Issues Addressed with v1.0.4:
  • Issue with synchronizing a large number of edited or created determination forms
  • Addressed typos / spelling errors
  • Incorrect hydrology indicator ("Catfish" holes should be "Crayfish" holes) is corrected once the device is synchronized with a WetCollect data portal
WetCollect v1.0.3

New Features at v1.0.3
  • Copy to new form
  • Vegetation search performance optimization
    • Added search and clear buttons and addressed issue with sizing on higher resolution devices
    • Eliminated initial species result display on search form load to decrease time to load (user must click search before any results will be displayed)
    • Removed Close Form menu option when vegetation search form is displayed
  • Added ability for users to define vegetation species (this functionality is available only thru the Online Data Portal)
  • Reordered pages on the soils tab to follow typical field workflow
  • Added additional info to the About menu on the main options form
  • Added UPL and NA to NWI classification (available once the device is synchronized with a WetCollect data portal)
Issues Addressed with v1.0.3
  • Fixed error on new form creation
  • Fixed activation code validation encounters timeout exception on submit
  • Fixed display issue when keyboard displayed on form load
  • Fixed text entry bug on main info page (slowness, quirky cursor behavior, missing first character)
  • Fixed issues with GPS connection via Bluetooth
  • Fixed issue with database connections